Our Whitepaper

Executive Summary

Introducing the innovative DRAGOWL token (DRGW), marking a new era in blockchain with its unique combination of digital finance and imaginative storytelling.


  • Overview of the current cryptocurrency and blockchain landscape.
  • The critical role of innovation in the crypto space.
  • Introduction and vision of DRAGOWL (DRGW).

The Birth of DRAGOWL

  • Conceptualization of the DRAGOWL character, symbolizing power, intelligence, and versatility.
  • The inspiration behind its owl and dragon features.

DRAGOWL (DRGW) Token Specifications


  • Technical specifications and the choice of BEP-20 blockchain platform.
  • Objective: To create a balanced and sustainable ecosystem.

Objectives and Vision

Detailing the project’s ambitious vision for a more engaged, equitable, and innovative blockchain community.

Technology and Security

  • Insight into the blockchain and smart contract technologies underpinning DRAGOWL.
  • The security protocols ensuring the integrity of the DRGW token.


Token Details

Symbol: DRGW

Token Name: Dragowl

Total Supply: 200,000,000 MILLION

Transaction Tax Mechanism

  • 4% Tax on Transactions: Including 2% for buyback and 2% for burn, aimed at enhancing sustainability and the token’s value.

Transaction Tax Mechanism

  • Fair Launch: 10%, ensuring wide participation.
  • Liquidity: 15%, securing smooth exchange transactions.
  • Marketing and Partnerships: 15%, broadening reach and utility.
  • Development: 20%, driving innovation.
  • Team: 10%, with a commitment to long-term success.
  • Reserve: 10%, for strategic project evolution.
  • Community and Contributors Rewards: 10%, rewarding engagement.
  • Staking and Rewards Program: 10%, offering an 80% ROI bi-annually.


For a comprehensive roadmap detailing our phase-by-phase milestones, visit: [Explore Our Roadmap](https://dragowl.com)

The Team

iscover the experts behind DRAGOWL. For detailed team biographies and roles: [Meet Our Team](https://dragowl.com)

Ecosystem and Partnerships

  • An overview of the DRAGOWL ecosystem and strategic partnerships.
  • The pivotal role of community engagement.

Staking and Rewards Program

  • In-depth details on staking benefits and incentives for DRGW holders.

Global Outreach and Sustainability Measures

  • Strategies employed for global adoption and sustainability.


Summarizing DRAGOWL’s potential to impact the cryptocurrency market positively and extending an invitation to join our community


Additional technical specifications, a glossary of terms, and FAQs.

Contact Information

Engage with the DRAGOWL project directly. For inquiries and more: [Contact Us](https://dragowl.com)

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